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SeraiScape: Embarking on a Journey in the Metaverse

Are you yearning for incredible adventures and the exploration of undiscovered wonders, all from the comfort of your own home, or even your couch? With the revolutionary technology of virtual reality (VR) glasses, you can now immerse yourself in extraordinary spaces and universes like never before. It’s now easier than ever to unlock the gateway to boundless imagination and endless exploration through the Metaverse spaces in spatial.io

A character's own house in Spatial Universe.
Snapshot of our characters’ personalized home within Spatial upon entering the virtual world.

Understanding the Metaverse

Spatial is a platform that aims to create a shared virtual reality (VR) experience known as the Metaverse. The Metaverse refers to a collective, virtual shared space that merges physical and virtual realities. Spatial allows users to interact and collaborate with others in a digital environment, transcending physical boundaries. It enables people to connect, communicate, and engage with each other using avatars, virtual objects, and immersive experiences.

By leveraging VR technology, Spatial offers a unique way to work, socialize, and explore, providing users with a sense of presence in a virtual world. It is an evolving concept with the potential to revolutionize various aspects of life, including entertainment, gaming, education, business, and beyond. It is a dimension that can be accessed through a range of devices, such as VR headsets, AR platforms, and traditional screens. Within the Spatial Universe, users have the freedom to explore limitless landscapes, connect with others, and bring their imaginations to life.

Introducing SeraiScape: Serai Spaces in the Metaverse

Serai Spaces welcomes you to a captivating universe, inviting you on an inspiring journey through its living spaces. Situated within Spatial.io, Serai unveils SeraiScape—an immersive island eagerly awaiting your exploration.

SeraiScape on Spatial Universe
SeraiScape’s view from the highest point

Step foot onto SeraiScape, and you will be greeted by a breathtaking landscape. Here, amidst the scenery, you will encounter three  Serai Ones, each waiting for you to discover.

As you step inside, Serai One welcomes you to choose your perfect spot to unwind. Experience Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona sofa against the stunning panoramic window. Further explore the immersive Serai One living experience as you wander into the fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. Look into the mirror and see your reflection intertwine with the essence of this universe, immersing you in a truly extraordinary journey.

Serai One’s captivating view from the panaromic window

Discovering the Spectrum of Serai One

Once you move past the first encounter, you’ll embark on a journey through the different colors of Serai One. The island is marked with signboards that guide you to various versions of Serai One, each with its unique set of colors. You can observe the distinct interior designs of Serai One’s various houses, featuring innovative furniture that can be folded up and down.

The White House from outside
Interior view of The White House in Serai Spaces, showcasing the character’s personalized choices and dashboard

As you explore, be ready for pleasant surprises because there’s a special hidden Serai One that awaits daring adventurers, holding its secrets for those who discover it.

At Serai Spaces, we believe in celebrating your unique expression and creativity. To make your SeraiScape experience even more enriching, you can create your own character on Spatial by clicking the provided link:


Once you’re in SeraiScape, find your favorite Serai One and take a photo of yourself, showing off your style and personality in this virtual world. After doing this, share your creative endeavors with us by e-mail. We can’t wait to see the magic you bring to SeraiScape!


Begin your journey today and unlock the wonders that await you!

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